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Industrial flooring systems from Flowcrete South Africa deliver highly resilient and durable workhorse surfaces suited to use in a wide range of demanding industrial plants and process environments...

As a manufacturing company ourselves, we understand how correctly specified resin floor coatings can help in the fight against chemical attack, bacteria and other factors affecting the general wear and tear of the industrial workspace.

Our vast portfolio of performance flooring products includes epoxy and polyurethane resin coating systems that have been designed to offer the strength required to deal with a whole host of service conditions.

Our range of epoxy coatings, including Flowshield SL, Flowcoat SF41 and Flowseal EPW offer a hardwearing, scratch-resistant and economical floor finish for a variety of manufacturing environments. Likewise our polyurethane coatings, such as Flowshield LXP, can be trusted for their resilience against chemical attack and other corrosive influences.

Our industrial floor coating systems are all joint-free, delivering a seamless finish with no cracks or crevices to harbour dust, dirt and bacteria. This renders the surface easier to clean and maintain and ensures improved hygiene between wash cycles.

For more information on our Industrial Flooring range, or to request a price, sample or consultation, contact Flowcrete South Africa.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete South Africa's range of heavy duty industrial flooring…

Technical Downloads

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DIY Epoxyflor System Data Sheets
Flowcem System Data Sheets
Flowcem DPM System Data Sheets
Flowcoat SF41 System Data Sheets
Flowcoat UV System Data Sheets
Flowprime 303 (1) System Data Sheets
Flowscreed Industrial Top System Data Sheets
Flowseal EPW System Data Sheets
Flowseal EPW AF System Data Sheets
Flowshield CR 1000 System Data Sheets
Flowshield LXP System Data Sheets
Flowshield Quartz System Data Sheets
Flowshield SL System Data Sheets
Flowshield SL 1000 System Data Sheets
Flowtex CR System Data Sheets
Flowtex HT System Data Sheets
Hydraseal DPM System Data Sheets
Peran PTS System Data Sheets
Flowcoat 340 onto Concrete Method Statements
Flowcoat SF41 Method Statements
Flowcoat UV Method Statements
Flowflex HM Method Statements
Flowprime Method Statements
Flowseal EPW Method Statements
Flowshield LXP Method Statements
Flowshield SL Method Statements
Flowshield SL 1000 Method Statements
Flowtex CR Method Statements
Flowtex HT Method Statements
Peran PTS Method Statements
Peran STB Hand Trowel Method Statements
Sales Resources
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Industrial Brochures
Wineries Brochures
Product Summary Brochure Brochures
DIY EpoxyFlor Guide Manuals and Guides
Hotel Flooring Cheat Sheet Manuals and Guides
Wine Cellar Flooring Cheat Sheet Manuals and Guides
Floor Maintenance Manual Manuals and Guides

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