Mining & Energy

Africa is very rich in natural resources and the mining of these important minerals has become a vast, complex and multifaceted industry that requires specialist building materials able to cope with the sector’s challenges. The energy sector is also currently going through huge renovations and improvements, with an urgent demand for more power meaning that many plants are being built across South Africa and Africa as a priority.

The mining and energy industries are very harsh environments where the flooring has to deal with high levels of mechanical attack and constant heavy-duty traffic. Thanks to our extensive experience providing floors for these sectors, we’ve developed an Industrial flooring range that includes exceptionally robust flooring systems designed especially for extreme conditions like these.

Besides mechanical wear and tear, flooring in the Mining and Energy sectors is often subjected to extreme chemical attacks and therefore facilities need to ensure that the chosen finish has the right corrosion protection properties in order to prevent damage that could lead to serious cracking and erosion. Glass fibre reinforced, vinyl ester resin systems are available that have been formulated for areas exposed to the most corrosive of industrial substances.

Often these sectors operate 24/7 and therefore cannot afford any downtime, this means that along with being able to withstand difficult conditions the flooring materials also have to be rapidly installed. Flowcrete South Africa’s comprehensive collection of industrial flooring includes options to suit any construction or refurbishment project’s schedule.

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