Food & Beverage Manufacturing

With the responsibility for cooking up hundreds of fresh meals each day industrial kitchens, cafeterias and catering units all need hygienic flooring systems  that are easily cleaned and stay clean so as to provide a safe environment for food and beverage production.

The joint-free finish of our polyurethane flooring systems eliminates the cracks and crevices associated with tile and vinyl finishes that are often found to harbour dirt and bacteria.

The durability of the polyurethane resin allows for impressive resistance to a number of acids and sugars and the rigorous steam cleaning techniques associated with the food processing industries.

Combined with a natural silver ion based antimicrobial, Polygiene®, which is locked into the matrix of the resin material and serves to destroy a host of bacteria on contact, our food and beverage flooring systems achieve one of the cleanest finishes possible.

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Recommended Systems

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