Toyota Tygervalley

Toyota Favours Flowfresh for Workshop Flooring

When Toyota opened a new workshop in Cape Town it installed Flowfresh SR Ultra thanks to this flooring solution’s successful track record in other Toyota facilities.

The workshop floor at Toyota’s new Tygervalley site would have to be able to withstand heavy impacts, traffic and exposure to automotive chemicals for an extended period of time. At a similar Toyota project in Johannesburg, the client had already seen that Flowfresh SR Ultra is able to maintain an effective finish despite the challenges of a busy automotive facility.

To achieve the desired finish 1,056m2 of Flowfresh SR Ultra in a light grey colour was installed throughout Toyota’s new workshop. The fast curing nature of Flowfresh SR Ultra’s sealer coat was also a key factor for its specification.

Flowfresh SR Ultra has been designed to provide a tough and durable floor screed, making it ideal for locations that will subject the floor to rigorous operating conditions on a daily basis. The seamless and impervious finish that it creates makes it easy to keep the floor area clean and to further enhance hygiene levels, the antimicrobial additive Polygiene® is incorporated into the resin material to eliminate the growth of bacteria on the floor surface.

Flowfresh SR Ultra has now also been specified for another Toyota project thanks its effectiveness at Toyota Tygervalley and will be installed at a new Hino truck workshop.

Project Details

  • Client:
  • Products: Flowfresh
  • Market Sector: Automotive
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Year: 2016

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