Sasol Receteation Club

Sasol Gym's Facelift Fast Tracked With Flowfast

Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemicals company that endeavours to be an employer of choice. One of the benefits Sasol offers its employees is the use of its gym facility that is also open to the public. The gym facility at the Secunda plant has over 2000 members and therefore when the time came to upgrade the facility the project had to be fast tracked to avoid a long period of down time.

The client required a seamless finish that would assist in maintaining a clean environment as well as a unique floor finish that would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Peran STB was chosen for the work out areas as it is a hard wearing floor with good impact resistance and will handle weights being dropped onto the floor. Flowshield 1000 non-slip was used on the pathways to highlight the work out areas.

Flowfast Scatter was selected not only to fast track the project but also for its excellent slip resistance. It was therefore used in all wet areas, general walkways and on the stairs as a safety feature. Therefore eliminating the use of additional non-slip strips.

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