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On-Brand Floors Add Colour to RCL Foods’ New Office

The international food producer RCL Foods installed a selection of resin floor finishes from Flowcrete South Africa for its exciting new office facility in Durban.

Located in Westville’s Westway Office Park, the new building’s design was tailored to meet RCL Foods specific requirements. This customisation included specifying a variety of floors that would cleverly meet both the aesthetic and operational demands of the site.

This was most evident in the Test Kitchen, where 311 m2 of Flowfresh SR Ultra in a bespoke blue was applied. The vibrant floor was made to match RCL Foods’ corporate colour, linking the room to the visual identity of the business.

Flowfresh SR Ultra was ideal for the task at hand, as it is a very durable polyurethane system that is able to withstand the temperatures, spillages, chemicals and impacts inherent to a busy kitchen environment. This HACCP International certified system   ensures the highest possible hygiene levels by incorporating the antimicrobial additive Polygiene®.

The interior designer chose 272 m2 of Peran SL Fruity flooring for the 18 male, female and disabled toilets. A long-list of colours was utilised so that no two toilet facilities were the same, with Tomato, Kiwi, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint and Plum tones all used for the project. Seamless and impervious, Peran SL Fruity is quick and easy to clean and its robust nature means that it will retain its aesthetic and functional properties for the long term.

It was vital that a vivid and modern appearance was created in each part of the building, including in the lift lobby on each level of the three-storey car park. This would ensure that visitors and staff would be immersed in a colourful and energetic environment from the second they set foot in the building. To achieve this, 378 m2 of the decorative epoxy resin floor coating Peran STB was applied in a sleek, dappled grey colour across all three floors.

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