Aspen Pharmacare

Long-term Partnership Provides Long-lasting Floors for Aspen Pharmacare

Flowcrete South Africa has completed a 4,000 m2flooring project at Aspen Pharmacare, the latest installation in an on-going partnership that began in 2006.

Aspen’s Port Elizabeth site has been regularly expanding in recent years by purchasing nearby land and building new facilities. Over the past eight years Flowcrete South Africa has worked closely to supply 16,500 mof hygienic and robust resin flooring solutions tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The latest development in 2014, at the site’s Oral Solid Dose (OSD) and General Facility, included the application of 4,000 mof Flowfast Screed in a custom light grey colour with flecks of blue. This was completed within the tight four month deadline and approximately 5000 mmore is on schedule to be completed in 2015.

Flowfast Screed was specified thanks to both its fast cure nature and long life span. The methyl methacrylate formulation of this solution halved the installation period and its durable nature meant that it would provide a seamless and colour stable finish for a longer period of time compared to alternative solutions. Coving in a contrasting grey colour was also applied to provide an easy-to-clean, gap-free finish.

The global nature of both Flowcrete and Aspen Pharmacare meant that this successful partnership has extended around the world, with 7,000 mof Flowshield SL installed in Aspen’s East London facility.

Project Details

  • Client: Aspen Pharmacare
  • Products: Flowfast, Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Manufacturing, Medical
  • Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Year: 2014

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