Flowcrete Undertakes South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project

Iveco installed 55,000m2 of a specialist resin flooring system within its new Pretoria based manufacturing facility, which was the largest flooring project in South Africa at the time.

A rigorous specification process was conducted to identify the ideal flooring solution. Out of the seven companies that installed samples it was Flowcrete’s combination of systems that was chosen.

The floor would need to be highly robust to withstand the intensive on-site manufacturing activity while maintaining a seamless, impermeable and bright finish. Iveco installed the epoxy resin floor coating Flowcoat SF41 across its main operational areas as this solution fulfilled its requirements for both durability and aesthetics.

Fire damage to the substrate had to be repaired before the finish could be applied. Conrep SF65 was installed within cavities that had been created by the removal of support beams and sliding doors that had been compromised by the fire. 

It was important that the colours used in the floor were the same as Iveco’s international standards. To achieve this Flowcrete South Africa developed and produced floors in bespoke tones that matched the client’s corporate colours.

Flowcoat SF41 was also used to coat the walkways and as the demarcation line system. This is not the standard demarcation line product but Iveco requested a solution that was thicker and more durable than the norm.

The new site’s paint mixing room and laboratory installed a Flowfresh HF ESD floor. This floor has an in-built antimicrobial additive and it is also able to dissipate static charge buildup. Flowfresh WR ESD was used as coving and applied around the drains to achieve a seamless and ultra-hygienic finish.

Project Details

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