Flowcrete’s High-Fliers Awarded

  • RPM President Awards Flowcrete’s High-Fliers for Collaborative Value Creation.
  • Awards recognise significant added value.
  • Key staff rewarded for collaboration.

RPM President Awards Flowcrete’s High-Fliers for Collaborative Value Creation

17 Aug 2015

  • Key staff rewarded for collaboration.
  • Awards recognise significant added value.
  • Ronald Rice pays tribute to Flowcrete.

Flowcrete Group Ltd welcomed RPM International Inc.’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Ronald A. Rice, and Vice President of Planning and Financial Analysis, Melissa Schoger, to its headquarters in Cheshire to present RPM’s Connections Creating Value award to five Flowcrete employees.

These awards recognise key members of the resin flooring manufacturer’s global team whose active collaboration between Flowcrete’s international companies and other RPM subsidiaries have added significant value to all the businesses involved. 

Ronald Rice arrived at Flowcrete after ringing the iconic bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday 27th July to close the day’s trading. Elected President and COO of RPM International Inc. in 2008, Mr Rice has been instrumental in guiding and growing the company, to the point where it announced USD 4.6 billion in sales this year, up from just over USD 3 billion in 2010.

During the awards ceremony Ronald Rice paid tribute to Flowcrete’s entrepreneurial spirit and the success it has achieved expanding its operations across four continents.

The members of Flowcrete’s staff who were presented with an award were: 

  • Rebekah Jones, Group Marketing Manager of Flowcrete Group Ltd.
  • Shahril Salikam, Operations Director of Flowcrete Asia Sdn Bhd.
  • Vivekanandan Margasahayam, Managing Director of Flowcrete India Pvt Ltd.
  • Grant Adamson, Group Technical Director of Flowcrete Group Ltd.
  • Kevin Potter, Managing Director of Flowcrete UK Ltd.

These individual recognitions come off the back of Flowcrete Group Ltd.’s President, Mark Greaves, receiving the 2014 Connections Creating Value Award on behalf of Flowcrete in recognition of its impressive company-wide embrace of RPM’s collaborative business ethos. 

Mark Greaves said: “An important aspect of our growth plans is the creative leveraging of our manufacturing capabilities, selling channels, local knowledge and management teams. Close collaboration between our regional businesses and other RPM subsidiaries is central to this symbiotic strategy.

“These five individuals have shown a considerable amount of energy, enthusiasm and innovative thinking in line with this approach. For example across Latin America we are partnering with Productos Cave, a Euclid Chemical Company, to launch our Flowfresh range in Chile as well as working with Viapol in Brazil, Toxement in Colombia and Stoncor SCC in Argentina.”

The award winners also received 168 shares in RPM International Inc. to reflect “the value of 168”, a company-wide philosophy that highlights the importance of making sure that every hour in the week counts.

Mr Greaves added: “RPM’s culture of support for industry leaders has allowed Flowcrete to innovate and to think creatively about how we manufacture, transport and promote our products to construction markets around the world.”


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Notes to Editors

Flowcrete Africa has offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi and is one of the five divisions that make up Flowcrete Group Ltd.

Flowcrete Group Ltd is part of Euclid Group, the international construction chemicals group of RPM International Inc. 

A world leader in the manufacture of seamless industrial and commercial resin floor, wall and coving solutions as well as other specialist coating technologies, Flowcrete Group has international manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe and Africa as well as Central and South East Asia. 

Flowcrete supplies world-class seamless flooring solutions to transform environments across the globe including; decorative seamless resins, waterproof car park deck coating systems, seamless resin terrazzo, durable antimicrobial flooring, corrosion protection, self levelling underlayments, underfloor heating and now underfloor acoustic insulation.

Flowcrete's ambitious and dedicated team, led by President Craig Brookes, is inspired by excellence in people, products and service as well as continual innovation and sustainable growth. Flowcrete continues to use its global expertise to introduce environmentally friendly, hygienic and aesthetically attractive floors to create a better and more sustainable world.

For further information please contact +27 31 461 3411.

Or visit us on the web at www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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