Flowcrete Donates Shipshape Floor

  • Flowcrete Donates Shipshape Floor for NSRI Rescue Station
  • The durable nature of Flowfast Quartz Scatter means that it will provide a reliable platform for the NSRI’s daily workload.

Flowcrete Donates Shipshape Floor for NSRI Rescue Station

16 Oct 2015

  • Flowcrete provided 135m2 of its Flowfast Quartz Scatter system.
  • Flowfast floors can fully cure in as little as two hours.
  • Flowcrete South Africa came together with applicators Seal Con Systems at the NSRI site.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) team from Station 20 on Shelly Beach recently thanked several local businesses, including Flowcrete South Africa, for a variety of donations that helped to revitalise their life-saving facility.

Flowcrete South Africa came together with applicators Seal Con Systems at the NSRI site in KwaZulu-Natal to create a new floor finish that would support the station’s challenging operational activity.

A global leader in resin flooring technology, Flowcrete provided 135mof its robust, decorative and fast curing Flowfast Quartz Scatter system for the refurbishment of the Internal Boats Storage Area.

Flowfast Quartz Scatter was specified for the NSRI facility thanks to its methyl methacrylate (MMA) enhanced formulation, which allows for the rapid creation of a hardwearing, long lasting floor finish.

The Managing Director of Flowcrete South Africa, Craig Blitenthall, said: “This donation is merely a small token of our thanks and appreciation for the hard work the NSRI carries out everyday of the year to keep us safe.

“A level, anti-slip surface is crucial in an environment such as an NSRI station, where volunteers are hastening to carry out crucial, lifesaving work. If the floor starts to crack or flake then it could quickly become a dangerous slip and trip hazard!”

Jean Grundlingh of Seal Con Systems told the South Coast Herald: “What we have done is a drop in the ocean compared to what NSRI does out there (in the sea)… if you do a good deed it comes back to you.”

The MMA ingredient within Flowfast floors means that they can fully cure in as little as two hours. This was a significant benefit for the NSRI, as it meant that the sea rescue facility’s vital work wouldn’t be significantly disrupted by the floor’s refurbishment and could recommence as quickly as possible.

However, once applied the floor would have to withstand a long list of challenging conditions on a daily basis, as the nature of the site meant that the finish would be exposed to substantial quantities of water, high levels of UV light, frequent foot traffic, heavy equipment and marine conditions.

The durable nature of Flowfast Quartz Scatter means that it will provide a reliable platform for the NSRI’s daily workload for an extended period of time and its slip resistant profile will help to keep the brave volunteers safe.

The NSRI has over 900 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby 24 hours a day, every day of the year to respond to emergencies at sea. Its education arm, WaterWise Academy, also undertakes important work to teach disadvantaged children about basic water safety.

From left to right: NSRI Operations Board Chairman Eddie Noyons; Mike Kennon; Jean Grundlingh of Seal Con Systems; Carol Best of Flowcrete; NSRI Shelly Beach’s Acting Station Commander Jeremiah Jackson.


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