Airports are gateways to the world's most metropolitan cities so it is important that they deliver a memorable flight experience - an experience which starts and ends at ground floor level...

To ensure that international travellers take off on a good footing, we have designed a number of flooring solutions to meet the specialised needs of demanding airport environments, while at the same time minimise their environmental impact on the ground.

Seamless terrazzo, contemporary resins, car park deck coatings, industrial epoxies as well as a number of sub-floor screed systems are just a handful of the flooring products we offer the airport sector.

Our unique Floorzone concept is also ideal for airport environments. Not only does it offer a choice of seamless resin finishes and sub-floor treatments including screed and acoustic insulation to build up the surface of the floor from substrate to finish, it comes backed by a single-source warranty.

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Recommended Systems

Flowcrete South Africa recommends the following products in airport environments...

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