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07 Jan 2019

  • Flowcrete South Africa have a range of flooring finishes ideally suited to commercial environments
  • Options include the decorative and extremely durable Mondéco range
  • Seamless and abrasion resistant floors are important for areas of high traffic

The resin flooring specialists Flowcrete South Africa combine decorative flooring systems with the features required to keep it looking its best, even when faced with high traffic in commercial sectors.

More and more often, commercial venues are utilising floor space as an extension of a brand or interior design scheme. This can be through the use of colour or by incorporating patterns, logos and motifs that reflect brand identity. 

However commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail areas, hotels and other public spaces require several things from the flooring, and this isn’t limited to design.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, commercial flooring also needs to withstand heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning and other challenges inherent to specific environments, such as dropped foodstuff in restaurants. Luckily, resin flooring is adept at meeting these needs.

The retail and office complex THE MARC, named after its location in the heart of South Africa’s financial district, sits on Maude and Rivonia Corner in Sandton CBD. The project’s architects wanted to build a facility that reflected the area’s fashionable, modern and energetic atmosphere, and the floor was a key part of this.

After initially opting for tiles, the architect decided to use seamless resin terrazzo after seeing what could be achieved in a shopping centre. The eye-catching system Mondéco Earth was chosen in three complementary colours, which was applied in bands and blocks across the shopping centre’s main walkways.

Mondéco from Flowcrete South Africa uses a creative mix of aggregates, ranging from recycled glass to mother of pearl, each encapsulated within the resin system. This gives the floor a glittering, shimmering finish that adds an air of luxury to any space.

Aside from being decorative, with a neutral mix of Polar Mist, Light Grey and Mid Grey, Mondéco Earth is chemical resistant and seamless, making it extremely easy to clean with strong chemical cleaners that will keep the flooring look fresh even after high levels of foot traffic and years of use. This system is also abrasion resistant, meaning that it can withstand the impacts, scuffs and scratches inherent to busy shopping centres.

In a similar vein, Sasol Recreation Club also utilised Mondéco in a crisp white Snow colour for its conferencing facility to portray a modern, minimalist appearance.

With this venue regularly hosting large conferences, meetings and parties, ease of cleaning was very important for the dappled white flooring. The durability of this material meant that it could withstand spillages of food and drink, without it affecting the floor’ surface.

Chemical resistance of this nature is important for commercial spaces like this, where visitors are likely to have food and drink with them, as exposure to sugars or the natural acids in foodstuffs can have a detrimental affect on lesser floors.

Naturally, high chemical resistance is especially important in restaurants, where exposure to food and drink is a daily occurrence. With the knowledge that the floor can tolerate such spillages and scrapes, there is more room for artistic license.

Benguela Cove’s Moody Lagoon restaurant required a geometric pattern, utilising Pebble Grey and Dark Grey. The combination of colour and shape was ideal for this site, where no expense had been spared to create a stunning environment of art, colour, views and bespoke interiors.

Mondéco can be applied in such configurations thanks to its special, paint-by-numbers application technique whereby the desired pattern is laid out in metal trims and then the chosen colour is poured into the corresponding area within the metal outline.

To find out more about the design versatility of the Mondéco range of seamless resin terrazzo floors, get in touch with Flowcrete South Africa’s expert team today.


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